Omg! The Best Garden Maintenance Tips and Services Revealed!

Are you tired of your garden problems? Many Australian backyard gardeners fall into the trap of overthinking and hyper-analysing their gardens that they usually forget the basics. A garden is a friend you can visit anytime. It is the purest form of human pleasures and it requires maintenance all year-round. Here are some basic tips that would assist you in getting the best of your backyard garden.

Cleaning the Irrigation System

It is essential to make sure that your plants get the best quality of water. Through the changing seasons in the year, there are chances of debris and waste material build up in the irrigation lines. These waste materials can start to wear the hose lining thus increasing the issue. At Clay fields Hort, we recommend a bi-yearly cleanout of your garden’s irrigation system. A thorough clean out will not only be beneficial for your plants but also keep your system fresh and long-lasting.

Keep the Pests Out

Unwanted pests can cause havoc in your beautiful garden and completely ruin your beautiful plants. It is, therefore, essential to take action on time. Pest control professionals can assist you in getting rids of the unwanted guests and also assist you with prevention tips.

Keep Pots Cool

Heat not only affects plants but also the pots. Pots, especially terracotta pots, are very vulnerable to overheating. You can try to keep your pots cool by lightly mulching and positioning them away from the hot sunshine. You can keep your pots cool with shade, extra watering and other types of cooling. This would also assist you in maintaining the health of the plants in these pots.

Grow Vegetables in Warm Months

Did you know you can grow your own veggies in your garden? Gardens are not only for aesthetic value but you can actually get a lot of utility value from your garden. This summer, grow your own veggies and feel much more accomplished about your summer gardening when you have your own grown vegetables.

Mow Regularly

Moving is not something that should be done once in a blue moon. If you want the best-looking patch then you must mow often and high. The thumb rule is to never cut more than 1/3rd of the grass’s height off at a time. If you want a healthy, dense and good looking lawn then all you need to do is tip off the blade. Mowing regularly also ensures that your turf looks alive and healthy.

Once you’ve established a successful garden, it is important to keep it looking its best throughout the years to come. At Clay fields Hort, we provide you with a wide range of lawn and garden maintenance services in Sandringham, Brighton and other Bayside locations. We assist you with a complete garden rejuvenation. To connect with our garden experts just call us on 0408 959 822