Our Works

  1. Presenting a number of before and after photos from various locations –
    • they show the significant impact of Clay Fields Hort’s work.
  2. While I am a horticulturist, not a landscape designer, I do supply landscaping services –
    • these are strongly exemplified in the transformation and rejuvenation of gardens and lawns displayed across the images.
  3. Whether we undertake lawns or trees or shrubs maintenance or do planting/rejuvenation or provide advice.
    • you will notice a big difference from the quality work we supply and the skills we have.
  4. In these dry times –
    • I can assist by making basic repairs to your irrigation system
  5. Don’t delay –
    • contact Clay Fields Hort straight away
    • to upgrade and tidy your garden, you’ve been waiting (or longing) for.
    • we shall make your garden stand out.