Plants and Soils Advisor in Hampton

    1. Clay Fields Hort – amongst our services, are advisers on plants and soils advisors in Hampton and other Bayside locations (along with locations in the southeast and east).
    2. Have plants that are not thriving or do not seem suitable for the site and conditions?
      • it may be your plant’s not well or alas, not a good specimen
      • or plant selection
      • or the soil…
    3. Need advice then?
      • based on our broad experience and premium qualification in the urban horticulture area
      • we can advise on
      • improving a plant’s health;
      • plant replacement;
      • what plants will work for the site & conditions;
      • what plants will go with other plants;
      • where irrigation may be needed;
      • your soil nutrient level;
      • how to ameliorate your soil
      • (soils & soil structure vary vastly across Melbourne)
      • based on observation, testing &/or soil profile research;
    4. Our outcomes speak for themselves – you can rely on our advice.
    5. Your place will stand out