Magical Tips to Grow Australian Native Plants in Your Garden

Magical Tips to Grow Australian Native Plants in Your Garden

Today Clay Fields Hort is one of the best landscaping companies in Melbourne. We understand the garden care and landscaping your backyard needs. Our renowned landscape gardeners in Melbourne provide the best services for all kinds of plants and trees including the native Australian plants.

Native gardens offer a distinct sense of peace. You can include an array of native Australian plants. Some of them are Acacia (Wattle), Anigozanthos & Macropidia (Kangaroo Paw), Araucaria (Bunya Pine and Moreton Bay Pine), Atriplex, Banksia, Caladenia (Spider Orchid), Callistemon (Bottlebrush), Dipodium (Hyacinth Orchid), Doryanthes (Giant Lilies), Drakaea (Hammer Orchid), Eremophila (Emu Bushes), Eriostemon (Pink Wax Flower), Eucalyptus (Gum Trees), Ficus (Fig Trees), Hibiscus (Also Alyogyne), Hovea (Purple Pea), Leptospermum (Teatree), Pimelea (Rice Flower), Scaevola (Fan Flowers), Telopea (Waratah) and many others. Our experts understand the soil and the plants and here are some tips on how to grow and maintain the best Australian native plants in your own backyard.


While planting a plant or a tree, remember to loosen the soil to twice the length and width of the spade. This is done so that the root system spreads without any difficulty. Also, remember if you are having plants with trunks like trees and shrubs, make sure to bury them halfway up their trunk while you plant them. This is done so that the root zone deeper into the ground.


Always remember once you have planted the plants it is better to sufficiently water your plants for fewer and longer periods, rather than more often with less water and for shorter periods.


This is one of the most crucial tasks as it helps in conserving water by reducing evaporation. Mulching also limits the growth of weeds around your plants and protect the soil from getting eroded. It is also important to make sure you apply mulch away from the plant stem or it can cause severe damage.


Pruning promotes healthy new growth and gives your plant a new refreshing look. In addition to this, it also increases the number of flowers that bloom in your plants.

Today, many of us Australians, think that growing Australian native plants are difficult, but it is important to know that just like any other plant, the environment and the gardening environment should match the plant. If you are looking for more and professional information along with assistance for landscaping in Melbourne, connect with our team today.