Tree Cutting Mordialloc

    1. Clay Fields Hort have a tree and shrub trimming and cutting service in Mordialloc and other Bayside locations (along with locations in the south-east).
      • Have a tree that has become too tall, unruly or canopy shading too much of your yard?
      • we can cut back, neaten & provide more sunlight for your garden:
      • we do shrubs and small height trees
      • our techniques emphasing safety & tree hygiene
      • larger trees we can refer you to trusted arborists.
    2. Want to avoid sizeable tip costs?
      • we reduce/cut up the trimmings
      • and transfer to your green waste bin &/or offsite
      • where we process without the tip.
    3. Want to see results of our tree cutting back/trimming work?